Cf & Magazine Photoshoot

Millet 2014


tumblr_n2d3ho11sZ1r25amno1_500tumblr_n2d3kmSmAn1r25amno1_500 tumblr_n2d3ubMZfC1r25amno1_500tumblr_n2d3145GCM1r25amno1_500 tumblr_n2dit5XUX61r25amno1_500tumblr_n2dixtZDHC1r25amno1_500


T.O.P x L ‘Official Hommes Korea Magazine

1374241_612363735487295_1751160462_n 1385641_612363622153973_1180656784_n 1396988_612363655487303_1758356832_o 1398158_612363795487289_946944697_o 1400306_612363648820637_1812621429_o 1401398_612363842153951_1682416149_o 1403135_612363675487301_146061169_o 1403220_612363772153958_1851772911_o


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