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T.O.P with actress Park Shin Hye for outdoor gear brand Millet:




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T.O.P: This is my first time working with Park Shin Hye.
Park Shin Hye: We’re still a bit awkward.

MC: Isn’t it hard to film an ad for winter in the summer?
T.O.P: I usually dress the way I want regardless of the season. I don’t know why but it’s been a while since I wore short sleeves. I wear long sleeves in the summer too. The last time I wore shorts was… when I was a baby.

MC: Then how did you film an ad for spring/summer clothes?
T.O.P: I did it with a model’s attitude.
PSH: Very professionally.

MC: Do you enjoy wearing outdoor clothes?
T.O.P: That’s the only thing I wear. I wear it at home even the shoes too. (Joking to endorse) My airport fashion is all a lie. It’s just for Big Bang’s image. This is how I dress at home!

MC: T.O.P was chosen as the sexiest man by Rolling Stone!
T.O.P: I think they haven’t seen me closely enough. When I watch myself on the stage, I think I look good for like 0.1 seconds.

PSH: I like it when I look sexy.
MC: T.O.P, please tell her that she looks sexy.
T.O.P: …You are sexy.

T.O.P: When I rest, I like standing. I don’t really like lying down.
PSH: Watching the view?
T.O.P: No I just stand.

MC: T.O.P & PSH have been getting more & more beautiful!
T.O.P: I don’t think so.. I haven’t been taking care of myself
PSH: I hate going to see the dermatologist because I hate just laying still for a long time
T.O.P: Same for me. I don’t do masks because I don’t like lying down. If anyone can give me skincare while I’m standing, please contact me.

T.O.P: I have heard Park ShinHye’s song. Since she’s an actor, her emotions were shown well. I thought it was beautiful.

PSH: T.O.P’s acting really surprised me because he was so good. Maybe that’s why he’s called T.O.P
T.O.P: *awkwardly laughs*

T.O.P: I will be greeting you guys through the movie, Tazza – Hand of God near Korean Thanksgiving. Thank you!