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Vote T.O.P BIGBANG | Soompi K-Pop Idol Rap Battle: Round 2


T.O.P (BIGBANG) vs. P.O (Block B)


Welcome to Round 2 of the Soompi K-Pop Idol Rap Battle!

The first round was a motley assortment of battles, some of them being complete runaway matches (T.O.P vs. HyunA, G-Dragon vs. Jung Hana), with no question as to the clear winner, and others with less of a split (CL vs. Rap Monster, Bang Yong Guk vs. Ilhoon). Still, some of the matches were neck and neck all the way (Jackson vs. Yong Junhyung, Taecyeon vs. Park Kyung), ending with less than a two percent difference! Especially a surprise was the victory of Taecyeon, who made a comeback late in the game, beating out Block B’s Park Kyung, who had been ahead for the majority of round one. Bet there were some sweating fans out there!

In the midst of all this, we definitely had some talented contenders knocked out very early, like Miryo (knocked out by Baro),M.I.B SIMS (knocked out by VIXX’s Ravi), and EXID’s LE (knocked out by f(x)’s Amber). At least we can all agree that these three are some pretty amazing rappers, regardless of the outcome, and if you didn’t know about them before, we hope you do now!

It’s also not too difficult to note that almost all of the female contestants were eliminated in Round 1, with the exception of Amber (who was herself up against another female). We did receive a few complaints about our decision to integrate the genders. We’d hoped that the results of the rap battle would follow more closely the pattern of our K-Pop Dance Madness battle a few months ago, where females competed against males all the way to the last few rounds, and were eliminated roughly in proportion to their presence in the contest. Certainly we don’t think that hip-hop is a guy’s game, but we acknowledge that our fans might be more likely to vote in favor of their male biases.


On August 25, the cast of Tazza held a press conference at the Konkuk University Lotte Cinema, where T.O.P talked about acting in the movie.

T.O.P: I wanted to pull out an image and a tendency that I didn’t have. When I met with Director Kang Hyung Chul, I received endless energy and faith and tried to do my best. I’m so nervous and restless that I’m going out of my mind wondering how the viewers will see it.

T.O.P: I tried to live like DaeGil (T.O.P’s character) in the scenario in my daily life too.

Q: How successful will the movie be?
T.O.P: I’m not in a marketing team, nor a fortune teller. *jokes* We can know the results after it’s released.

T.O.P: I said I would kiss 50 females on the forehead if the movie gets successful. Isn’t it enough?

T.O.P: There’s a scene where we play the card game, taking off clothes. I didn’t get used to the situation. All the men were naked. We didn’t look at each other when camera was not on. Actresses wore only underwear. I couldn’t look at them well. When shooting a naked scene, I thought it’s not good manners if I look at the actors. I couldn’t move/turn my eyes at someone, filming the scene.

























Thanks to Jacly (@shrimpljy) for the scans!

T.O.P Talks about Big Bang Being a Real Family, Dating in Secret, and Shin Se Kyung

With a new movie awaiting premiere, Big Bang’s T.O.P posed for fashion magazine High Cut, sharing some intimate details about himself. T.O.P transformed into an ‘autumn man,’ getting his turtleneck sweater ready for the fall weather.

During the interview, T.O.P talked about his upcoming movie, Tazza 2 and how it was working with two beautiful actresses.

“Shin Se Kyung is young, but very mature. I felt that she was a good person,” said T.O.P. “[Honey Lee] nuna is really chill and cool, that she felt more like an older brother to me.”

T.O.P then moved onto talking about the Big Bang members and what they’ve been up to as a group.

“The members all like searching for good places to eat. We go to eat and drink wine, and talk about our future plans and visions in a not-so-serious way,” said T.O.P. “These days, the dongsengs show more aegyo to the hyungs, and the hyungs find the dongseng even cuter. We’re like a real family now.”

With all these celebrity couples going public with their relationships, T.O.P was asked about what he would do.

“I do want to date, but I don’t want to date publicly. After becoming a celebrity, I’ve rarely dated and I haven’t even shown [the girlfriend] to the people around me,” said T.O.P. “Because I’m a public figure that gets exposed to the public, I think there’s a need to protect my girlfriend. So although I’m at the age where I should be really passionate [about dating], I want to focus more on working.”


From Big Bang’s Facebook page:


“Hello, this is T.O.P Choi Seunghyun. I’m glad to participate in the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ of the fund-raising campaign to develop medical treatment for Lou Gehrig’s disease also known as ALS. I was nominated by singer BoA and actor Jo Seungwoo, and I’m thankful to them for being part of this good work.

I will participate in the campaign by donating to “Seungil Foundation” that works hard for the patients, instead of doing the ice bucket shower. Since it’s a good act, I hope my participation will be helpful to the patients who are suffering and I hope more people pay attention to it (the campaign).”

Translation from @ShrimpLJY