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T.O.P BIGBANG | Tazza 2 Kiss & Topless Scene [gif] [video]



T.O.P BIGBANG | ‘Tazza 2’ Cast Celebrates the 3 Million Audience Mark

3 mill

“Tazza 2” continues to break through the box office as it reaches its 3 million audience mark.

To celebrate such achievement, the cast of “Tazza 2,” released confirmatory shots of their 3 million mark. T.O.P, Shin Sekyung, Yu Haejin and more were seen holding “Tazza 2, 3 million” selcas, sincerely thanking fans for the support. It was eventually circulated by the production staff.

The film was further praised for its strong box office hold despite its 19+ rating, ten days after it was released.

“Tazza 2,” also known as “Tazza: The Hidden Card” is the prequel to the hit 2006 film, “Tazza: The High Rollers.” It features T.O.P, Shin Sekyung, Honey Lee and more. It started opened in Korean theatres last September 3rd with its rights sold to distribution agencies in the United States, Canada, Japan and more.